-Resulting Project:
–()Create New Trimmed Project (creates a new version of the current project that refers only to the footage you used in the selected sequences)
–()Collect Files and Copy to New Location (to copy and consolidate the footage you used in the selected sequences)

[]Exclude Unused Clips (Project Manager will not include, or copy, media you did not use in the original project)
[]Make Offline (denote as “offline” any footage that you can recapture later; Project Manager retains reel names and timecode to facilitate quick batch capture. Useful if you used low resolution footage in your original project, or if you are archiving a project)

[]Include Handles: 30 Frames (Specifies the number of frames to retain before the In point and after the Out point of each trimmed clip)
[]Include Preview Files
[]Include Audio Conform Files
[]Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names (Select this option if you rename your captured clips from within the Project window and want the copied footage files to have the same name)

-Project Destination
[YOUR PATH] [Browse]

-Disk Space
–Disk Space Available:
–Original Project Size:
–Resulting Project Size (est.):


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